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The World Missions Presbyterian Church (WMPC SYNOD) is the U.S. Corporation Headquarters for the establishment of the U.S. American/Korean Presbyterian Church, which is now legally known and registered as the “World Missions Presbyterian Church” located at 461 King Street Littleton, MA 01460.  The church/synod is established, as the Department Headquarters for International Missions abroad (in the U.S.).  Affiliate Presbyteries and churches located in America, Canada, and other friendly nations around the world.

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There shall be an Annual, Semi-Annual and or Quarterly meetings of the Synod and the corporation during the first and subsequent quarters of each calendar year for the purpose of transacting all business of the church as required and appropriate, including a review of the adequacy of administration and maintenance of all legal and financial records.


There shall be an Annual, Semi-Annual and Quarterly meetings of the Presbytery in preparation for Synod and General Assembly meetings of the Denomination. The corporation, during the first and subsequent quarters of each calendar year will meet for the purpose of transacting all business of the church and or presbytery as ... Read more

Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Synod, Presbytery, and or the local Church Congregation and/or corporation may be called and or directed by the President of the Board of Directors, by the Presbytery, or by the Synod, or when two or more members of the local Church Board representing the congregation so deem appropriate.


What is our mission ?

The mission of this denomination, and our Church at-large, whether at home or abroad, in outreach and world missions is to proclaim, help and implement the practice of God’s love and this faith wherever God shall lead us. In itself, the Church is to manifest the “Beloved Community” of Christ; beyond itself it is to influence and seek to reach into all nations of the world, through the work of the Holy Spirit and work in fervent international missions by the proclamation of God’s Word and good works, as a “servant people” in the Kingdom of God. It is the prayer of this church that the world can become one nation in peace in the consummation of the kingdom of our God”. To that dual joy and obligation this Church is called, committed and fervently dedicated.



The members of this Denomination and Synod, as it also is with the local church, are all professing Christians, voluntarily associated and gathered together for the purpose of the practice of Worship of Almighty God and to receive instruction in the Christian Faith and Religion.  These members are received into the communion of the church upon profession of faith in Jesus Christ, and or, upon presentation of a satisfactory certificate or letter of membership, or in the absence of such, upon the reaffirmation of their faith in Jesus Christ.  The Church and the Session of this Synod keep rolls of affiliate churches, baptized members, active members, inactive members, and of affiliate members.  All active members are full members of the congregation and the corporation.

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History of Redemption Series

RevAbrahamParkRev. Abraham Park, author of The History of Redemption series, is a true man of God who has dedicated his life to studying and sharing the Word of God. For him, The History of Redemption series is the fruit that resulted from endless research and prayer in an effort to better understand the Word of God. This journey began about 50 years ago when Rev. Park began his ministry. With the determination to set himself apart from the world and understand the Bible correctly, Rev. Park devoted three years, six months and seven days on Mt. Jiri alone. During this time, he read the Bible and prayed fervently daily. Since then, Rev. Park has read the Bible hundreds of times, devoting at least five to six hours to reading the Bible and praying every day. Now, in his 80s, he still spends sleepless nights praying tearfully for his congregation of thousands who are as dear to him as his own children. Doctrinally, Rev. Park subscribes to the Westminster Confession of Faith and his teachings are founded upon Reformed orthodoxy and covenant theology. Moreover, the infallibility and authority of the Bible are the hallmarks of his teaching. His godly zeal to proclaim the Gospel has resulted in a 65,000-member congregation of Pyungkang Cheil Presbyterian Church in Seoul, Korea, where he now serves as pastor emeritus. He has also established hundreds of churches worldwide through which the Gospel is continually being proclaimed. In 2007, Rev. Park celebrated the 50th Jubilee Anniversary of his ministry and the first book in the series, The Genesis Genealogies, was launched. As of 2011, a total of six books (out of the planned 12 books for the series) have been published. The series has been translated into many languages for readers worldwide, including English, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Indonesian, German, Urdu, Hebrew, Singhalese, Tamil, Khmer, and Nepalese. The series reveals the mysterious and profound providence of God that the author discovered as he searched the Bible. The books aim to help uncover the truths contained within the Bible. Each page of his aged and faded manuscripts reflects God’s earnest desire for His people to understand the divine work of redemption manifested through the Bible.